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Recording/Mixing Acoustic Guitar

I’m recording a stereo acoustic guitar using only one microphone! This technique provides a huge stereo spread in your mix with 2 tracks hard panned Left and Right! I use many techniques for recording acoustic instruments but this is still one of my favorite ways to record an acoustic guitar!

Creating Lead Guitar Harmony

In this video I’m creating a lead guitar harmony part using flex pitch in Logic Pro X. The pitch of each note is transposed up a third. I started with a minor third and if that note fell outside of my key then I moved it up a major third. A delay plugin was use to simulate a second guitar played in a different take. Please give me your thought. Thanks for watching. Please comment and subscribe. Enjoy!

Mixing and Mastering Tips

Mixing and Mastering Tips to help you finish your productions. I’m using Logic Pro X for this mix but this will apply to whatever DAW you are using. It doesn’t matter whether you are using Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Sonar, Logic… I’m challenging my subscribers to get busy and complete their creations and work on better mixes in their home studios. When you are finished your latest masterpiece, upload to youtube and post your link in the comment section of this video. Looking forward to hearing your mixes. Happy recording!!

Mixing Acoustic Guitar

Mixing Acoustic Guitar to Full Production

Mixing a Singer/Songwriter Acoustic Guitar to Full Production using Logic Pro X. I’m using my song “Surviving the Rain” for this video to show my workflow and production techniques to transform a basic acoustic guitar and vocal track into a full production pop tune.
Here’s the completed mix in a video.
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