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FAA Rules for Drones UAS

FAA Proposed Rules for Drone Aircraft UAS. In this video I’ll take a look at proposed rule making by the FAA for drone aircraft. If you’re getting ready to buy a drone or if you’re currently flying one, make sure you know what the rules are and stay on top of the changes that are coming. As I make this video, December 2014, we have already had numerous pilot reports of near misses with drones creating a potentially dangerous situations. Have fun but please be safe.

Adding Audio for the Phantom 2 Vision +

I’m showing how to easily add audio to your Phantom 2 Vision Plus videos. This works very well for those who want to fly and narrate the video at the same time. Also works well for those doing Phantom 2 Vision Plus Tutorials. Capturing the audio using the iTalk App for the iPhone. However, the same process can be used with other smart phones or other quadcopters and drone aircraft.