Mixing and Mastering Services

Mixing and Mastering Services

We gladly accept mixing and mastering projects. However, only after we listen to your rough mix and believe we can bring something to the project. We don’t want to waste your time or ours.

Send us your MP3 rough mix and tell us your goals for the mix. What song or artist should we reference for mixing your song? We’ll give you our honest opinion and whether or not we want work on the project.

Most of the home studio projects we hear greatly benefit from the following:

• Clean up the noise
• Remove the muddiness
• EQ track independently for best sonic quality
• EQ the competing tracks to work together
• Even out the dynamics
• Increase clarity
• Increase the stereo spread
• Create some excitement for the mix
• Use some mix bus processing to create cohesiveness
• Maximize level but still leave room for mastering

Ideally we would get your Logic Pro or Pro Tools session. If you don’t have those, you can bounce your stems and send to us. Just put them in DropBox (or whatever file share you use) and send us an invite to download the files. Our studio email address is: SellTechProductions at Gmail dot com.

Our studio rate for Mixing is $50/hr with a $150 minimum. Generally most songs mix for $150. If your project has more than 50 tracks obviously this becomes more time consuming. If it’s going to be more than $150 we will contact you to discuss options. At the quoted price we will deliver a WAV and MP3 file of the completed mix. We will also provide 2 free revisions if you want to make changes. If you want us to continue working on your project after that, it’s back on the clock.

Our studio rate for Mastering is $50/hr with a $100 minimum per song. Our mixing process will give you everything you need for a single. We don’t feel like Mastering is a necessary step unless we are producing your album or EP. Singles will have volume level and dynamic optimized appropriate for the genre. Generally around -12 LUFS and -1.0 peak DBFS

If we accept your project then we really feel like you have something worthwhile and we can bring something to the table. If we pass on your project, please don’t be offended. It does not mean that your song or performances are not worthy. It most likely means we’re not the best choice for your music. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to mix your song(s).

All the best to your music!

Bob Sell
Selltech Productions
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