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We use state of the are equipment for quality video production. Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Screen Flow, Logic Pro X, to name a few. Green Screen capability will place you in any desired setting. Ideal for music videos. Here’s a few of our recent creations:

An explainer video is usually a 1 or 2 minute video used to explain a product or company. Quick and to the point, it should define the problem and how the product or service is going to solve it for the viewer. The video can be embedded on your website to engage your visitors. Here’s an example:

Ideally, we would shoot your A and B roll footage to complete your final video. However, if you have taken your own video we may be able to edit the final production for you. Just put them in DropBox (or whatever file share you use) and send us an invite to download the files and we’ll give them a look see. Our studio email address is: SellTechProductions at Gmail dot com.

Our video editing rate is $75/runtime minute of the master copy with $150 minimum. So, a 4-minute video would cost $300. If your project has more than one camera angle obviously this becomes more time consuming and we’ll quote a price accordingly.

If you need us to shoot the video, it generally doubles the price of the editing cost. So, your $300 4-minute video will cost $600. Of course, each situation is different so our quote will be based on your individual needs. We’ll quote your project at the above rate or 75/hr, whichever is lower.

At the quoted price we will deliver a MOV file of the video master. We will also provide 2 free revisions, if you want to make changes.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to work on your next video project!

All the best to your video productions!

Bob Sell
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