Hendrix Tribute by Tony Gallo

Tony is playing a Fender Strat with a Vox Wah pedal through a Fender Super Champ. We captured this awesome tone with a Shure SM57 pointed directly at the speaker cone about 4 inches away. No processing on the guitar except for a high pass filter at 60hz. Other than the live drums, this was done with 2 tracks! Lead guitar and bass! You don’t need lots of tracks or processing to get a great sound! If you can commit to a sound going in then the whole process of mixing is literally pushing up the faders. In this case, balancing 3 tracks, guitar, bass, and drums. It helps to have someone in command of their instrument. #1 capture a great performance. #2 capture a great sound. #3 push the faders up and your song will mix itself! Great job Tony! Please leave Tony your comments! Thanks and enjoy! Check out the SM57 on Amazon! The industry standard dynamic mic for guitar, vocals, drums…

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