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Music Videos created using Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X by Apple.

Drunken Calls (Original Song)

“Drunken Calls” is an original song by Bob Sell and co-written with Matt Crace. Bob wrote this song on my Taylor acoustic about getting older and outgrowing drunken calls. The Tele is through a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp and the Peavey bass is DI. Recorded with Logic Pro X.

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Love How It Feels (Music Video)

Love How It Feels is an original song by Bob Sell. Recorded using Pro Tools12 amd Final Cut Pro X for the video. I’m using a Taylor 410-MA acoustic guitar and a Fender American Standard Telecaster. The Telecaster is played through a Fender Deluxe Reverb tube amp. A Fender Jazz bass was DI to the converter and to Pro Tools. I’m using a Radial J48 Direct Box to record the guitars dry signal for re-amping. The Pearl Drum Kit was recorded live with 8 various mics. Sure SM57s on the snare and toms. Rode NT1As were used for the drum overheads. Sure Beta 52A for the kick drum. The vocal mic was a Rode NT1A.

Recording Acoustic Guitar and Drums

In this video I’m recording a Taylor acoustic guitar and tracking live drums. The acoustic guitar was mic’d with a Rode NT1A. The acoustic track was recorded a second time with the guitar cords played in a different position (barre chords verses open chords) and panned hard left and right. This gave the guitar a bigger wider sound. I’m using Pro Tools 12 for the recording with 8 mics on the drum kit. Mostly SM57s and a pair of Rode NT1A for the drum overheads. No software instruments or midi used in the recording other than a click track. In addition to the Taylor acoustic, I used an American Standard Telecaster to record a rhythm and lead part. A fender Deluxe Reverb Amp was mic’d with a Sure SM57. Minimum processing. Using EQ and compression on most tracks. Plate reverb on the snare drum and delay on the vocals.