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Building Variation and Intensity in your Mixes

I’m using Logic Pro X to demonstrate how I build variation and Intensity in my original song “Drunken Calls”. We’ll take a look subtle changes between the verses and choruses to keep the song interesting and keep the listener engaged as the song progresses. I’m using automation and parallel drum compression to help build intensity in the mix.

Here’s the link to the original song!

Eliminate Guitar Amp Buzz and Hum

Reducing guitar amp buzz and hum. I’m using the Hum X to fix my ground loop problem. This unit filters 60hz noise created by ground loops that makes guitar amps hum and buzz. This is not a ground lift device so you maintain the safety by keeping the ground in place. Used for 120V 60hz USA power. This will not fix guitar cable, power issues, or pickup related hum. Designed for 1 piece of gear. Do not use for the entire power strip!

Hum X details on Amazon!