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Creating Lead Guitar Harmony

In this video I’m creating a lead guitar harmony part using flex pitch in Logic Pro X. The pitch of each note is transposed up a third. I started with a minor third and if that note fell outside of my key then I moved it up a major third. A delay plugin was use to simulate a second guitar played in a different take. Please give me your thought. Thanks for watching. Please comment and subscribe. Enjoy!

Mixing and Mastering Tutorials

Mixing and Mastering tips for the recording enthusiast. Whether you’re an acoustic songwriter or your producing a complete LP for your band, I think you’ll find some interesting audio tutorials here.

Many of the audio tutorials you’ll find to be DAW generic. For example, my popular video on how to EQ an acoustic guitar uses principles that you can apply in Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar X3, Studio One, etc. I’m currently using Logic Pro X so you’ll fine lots tips using Logic Pro.

Creating an Auto-tune effect for vocals using Logic Pro plugins.

Using Logic’s stock compressor to emulate the classic Teletronix La2a

Shuffle and swing beat from 8th note triplets.

If you are using Logic Pro 9 make sure you check out the video on using the Logic’s Environment window to wire in an Arpeggiator.