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Logic Pro X Tutorials. Audio and Midi recording with Logic Pro X DAW by Apple.

Building Variation and Intensity in your Mixes

I’m using Logic Pro X to demonstrate how I build variation and Intensity in my original song “Drunken Calls”. We’ll take a look subtle changes between the verses and choruses to keep the song interesting and keep the listener engaged as the song progresses. I’m using automation and parallel drum compression to help build intensity in the mix.

Here’s the link to the original song!

Creating Lead Guitar Harmony

In this video I’m creating a lead guitar harmony part using flex pitch in Logic Pro X. The pitch of each note is transposed up a third. I started with a minor third and if that note fell outside of my key then I moved it up a major third. A delay plugin was use to simulate a second guitar played in a different take. Please give me your thought. Thanks for watching. Please comment and subscribe. Enjoy!

Creating Vocal Harmonies in Logic Pro X

Creating vocal harmony in Logic Pro X without using 3rd party plugins. I’m using a copy of the audio file from the lead vocal and pitch shifting the note up a major 3rd or in some cases a minor 3rd to create the harmony using only Logic’s stock Flex Pitch. The 2 vocal tracks are slightly detuned and delayed to give them a more natural feel. Enjoy!